E. Christopher Zeeman
E. Christopher Zeeman

E. Christopher Zeeman

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     Nowadays the term catastrophe theory inevitably calls to mind the controversy that surrounded attempts to apply the theory in a wide range of scientific fields. At the center of the controversy was the British mathematician Christopher Zeeman, who was a frequent visitor to the IHÉS in the 1960s and 1970s and an enthusiastic proponent of Thom’s ideas. It was Zeeman who went the furthest in attempting to apply catastrophe theory in physics and biology, and even in sociology and politics. These applications were enthusiastically taken up by practitioners in other sciences and heralded in the press. What ended up happening was that the unsuccessful attempts were labeled applications of catastrophe theory, and the successful attempts were labeled more neutrally, as applications of singularity theory. Indeed, many of the ideas that originally came under the rubric of catastrophe theory are still alive in singularity theory, which remains today an active area of mathematical research.

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